What We Do

We are a health care organization with one goal:

To provide each patient with affectionate and effective care for as long as home care is necessary.

Your medical conditions, your preferences and your living situation are part of what makes you an individual. At Greater Boston Home Health Care, we take pride in caring for people as individuals in their homes. Working with referring physicians, we help create and carry out a personalized plan of care that not only optimizes personal health and outcomes, but also provides a sense of wellness and comfort.

Just like there’s nobody quite like you, there’s no other home healthcare provider that’s quite like us. Our goal isn’t to be the biggest agency of our kind; we want to be the best.

At Greater Boston Home Health Care, we are dedicated to the highest standards of the healthcare profession. We are Medicare / Medicaid certified agency and provide all facets of health care.

Why Choose Greater Boston HHC For In-Home Care?

  • Reduces the need for urgent care
  • Reduces stress for loved ones and caregivers
  • Allows loved ones to remain at home with their families
  • One-on-one support tailored to your schedule & needs
  • Helps prevent rehospitalization
  • Avoids institutionalizing a loved one
  • Costs less than inpatient care
  • Covered by Medicare

Call Us Today!

Discover all the ways Greater Boston Home Health Care can help you or a loved one main­tain health, safety and happiness at home. Our team of nurses, therapists and home health aides provide care in the following languages: Russian, African languages, Haitian Creole and Spanish. Translation services for all other languages also available. Various members of our staff are fluent in Russian, Hebrew, Spanish, Cambodian, and Portuguese.